The NEEDS project

The Network of Europeans for Electoral and Democracy Support (NEEDS) brings together some of the leading European organisations and individuals involved in the field of democratisation and election observation.

The aim of NEEDS is to increase the capacity of both the European Union and civil society organisations to conduct credible and effective election observation missions.

  • Enhance the competencies of observers in key skill areas
  • Increase awareness of the political and human rights context of EUEOMs
  • Increase awareness among observers of the institutional framework of EUEOMs
  • Facilitate and encourage observers’ ability to work as part of a team and deal with challenges of mission environment, including personal security
  • Encourage a culture of ‘constructive engagement’ on missions

The Work of Domestic Election Observer Groups Around the World: Civil society is a vitally important outlet for democratic activity and civil society groups are central partners in the promotion and defence of democratic development – from latin America to asia and from Europe to Africa. The aim of this publication is to highlight the work done by domestic election observers around the world, in terms of their scrutiny of the electoral process and their support for increased transparency and accountability in the political processes in their respective countries.

Democracy is not just about elections, but genuine elections are a necessary condition for democracy.
EUEOMs have the task of observing and reporting on an election process in its entirety, enhancing transparency and providing an impartial assessment. This handbook is intended as a tool and a reference book with methodological guidelines and practical recommendations.

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